Silver Milestone Bangle with Beads


This solid silver milestone bangle holds a silver bead to mark every special milestone.

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Silver Beads (7mm) * 


Silver Milestone Bangle with Beads
We all love to mark a special Milestone with a special gift to mark the occasion.  The Silver Milestone Jewellery Range is a perfect way to give a unique handcrafted personalised silver jewellery gift to somebody you love with a milestone birthday or who is marking a milestone occasion.  Be it a 21st or 30th Birthday,  a marathon run or perhaps 15 years married.  Silver Milestone jewellery is a gorgeous way to mark lots of special occasions and a silver milestone bangle with beads holds a bead for every special person, memory or milestone.

For a special 40th Birthday gift, try 4 silver beads; one of each decade.  Or  perhaps 3 gold for a 30th Birthday gift.  You could even have a bead to represent your partner and children, a family bangle.

The Silver Milestone Bangle with beads is crafted from solid  2.5mm wide sterling silver, organically shaped and lightly hammered to give it some additional sparkle.  If you prefer you can opt for your silver milestone bangle to be left smooth, just leave a message in the comment box.

Each decade or milestone is marked with a solid silver 7mm bead, you can choose the number of beads on your silver milestone bangle from the options, or if you prefer message us with a different combination.

You can choose any combination of silver, rose gold filled or yellow gold filled beads. So to represent a 21st Birthday, you could have 2 gold for each decade & 1 silver for the 1 year on your personalised bangle.

Your personalised milestone bangle price is initially priced without beads.  Each silver bead added is £2.50 and each gold filled £4.

About Gold Filled:
Solid gold is obviously quite expensive!   We are all familiar with gold plating, where a very thin layer of gold is applied to a metal, which will in time rub or flake off.  Gold plated is not high enough quality to use for the jewellery I make.    
Gold filled jewellery provides an affordable and high quality alternative to solid gold.  Gold filled has an thicker layer of goldpressure bonded to the base layer.  Gold filled has 100% more gold content than gold plated jewellery. Gold Filled is much more valuable, does not flake or rub off .  So, we use it rather than solid gold, which would make our pieces extremely expensive and rather than gold plated, which would make our pieces a tad on the tacky side   🙂

Bangle Sizes:  Please note sizes are approx within a few mm – exchanges are not possible if the bangle does not fit. 

XS Small     –  16cm inner circumference
Small           – 17.5cm inner circumference
Regular       – 20.5cm inner 
Large           – 22cm inner circumference
XL                – 23.5cm inner circumference

Sizes are approx to a few mm.

So how do you know what is the best size bangle for you?

The 3 best options are:

1) Measure an existing, well-fitting bangle

This is the easiest option – just find a bangle that fits you well, and measure the internal diameter (inside edge to inside edge).  Then choose the nearest size (bigger) from the choices below.

2) Measuring your hand with a ruler.

  1. Place your hand flat on a table.
  2. With a pen mark the middle of your knuckle on your little finger & the middle of your knuckle on your first finger.
  3. Measure the distance between the marks.
  4. Choose the nearest size (bigger) from the choices below. 




3) Measuring your hand with a tape.
1.     Bring your thumb and little finger together, as far as possible into your hand. The position you would put your hand into if you were putting on a bangle.

2.     Wrap a tape measure or piece of string around the widest part of your hand.  Keep the tape tight, it shouldn’t be loose – we are looking to get a measurement of the smallest you can make your fist.

3.      Make a note of the measurement on the tape, or mark the string and measure against a ruler.  This measurement gives you the circumference.

4.     Choose the nearest bangle size (bigger) from the choices below.

Please note you will need to go for the next size up, rather than the nearest size down. If you’ve measured correctly you should have the circumference / diameter of the hand at its smallest.  If you choose a bangle size smaller, the bangle will not

Please note owing to the handmade cutting of the bangles, measurements are approx to a couple of mm, but never smaller!




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