Hope for Hasti

Hasti is 8 years old and dreams of being a chef or a dancer when she grows up, she isn’t sure which yet ❤

Hasti has a rare genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS). People with this syndrome experience a range of physical, cognitive, and medical challenges ranging from mild to severe.  She is STILL going to be a chef or a dancer though!

It is estimated CdLS effects 1 in every 10,000 children born. It is not an inherited condition, it could impact any baby.  Currently there is no therapy.

Hasti’s Dad, Chris, is a serving British soldier and is spearheading fundraising to kick start research into gene therapy to help his daughter and every child who has CdLS now and for those who will.

How can YOU help?

Well, if you have placed an order for Mother’s Day 2020, you already have.  I will donate 10% of all Mother’s Day profits to Hope for Hasti.  BUT!!!   You could help a bit more!  It doesn’t take much to help Chris and his family push a little closer to their target!

There are obvious ways to get involved!  Make a donation, supports an event or maybe even organise an event!  You will find all the links to donate below & information at the Hope for Hasti FB page.  It is worth a read, even spreading awareness in the smallest of ways can have a butterfly effect and a huge impact on fundraising.

I have popped all of the Hope for Hasti links you might want below, don’t be shy – press a few!


PAYPAL:  Hopeforhasti@gmail.com
GOFUNDME:  Hope for Hasti

You can also join ‘One Pound Hope’.  Chris is asking for people to join the group, donate £1 and invite a few friends to do the same.  Lots of small donations, less than half a coffee and employing the power of many!

The One Pound Hope


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