Personalised silver spoons!   These hand crafted silver plated spoons each bear a message and make the most unique and fun gift for so many occasions and all and age ranges,  Each message is hand stamped, letter by letter, into the bowl of the spoon, meaning each personalised spoon is unique and made to order.

There are several personalised silver spoon designs and sizes to choose from.  As all of the personalised spoons are vintage, sizes and handle designs will vary from spoon to spoon. You can choose from personalised tea spoons, dessert, serving or soup spoons & ‘inbetweeny’ sized fruit spoons, perfect for the kids or grapefruit!

There are several popular messages to choose from for your personalised silver spoon, or you can order personalised spoons with your message.

Personalised silver spoons are brilliant gifts for weddings, Christenings, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Birthdays & Christmas there is not an occasion they aren’t fabulous gifts for! What is more everybody loves them, young and old!

The personalised silver spoons are vintage and hand stamped, so each one will carry minor lettering quirks or signs of use which we think adds to its character.

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