Finger Print Jewellery

Imagine the delicate whirls of a loved one’s fingerprint perfectly preserved on the surface of a beautifully hand crafted piece of silver finger print jewellery. Finger print Jewellery is as personal as it gets and jewellery that will be dearly cherished.

Mums with children starting school, Dad’s with grown up children starting Uni, Mums who miss their own Mums & Dads, or children needing to keep a part of Mum & Dad close. Everybody can hold their loved ones close with finger print jewellery no matter what the distance or how old they are.

Your prints can be fashioned into a charm, or a finger print necklace, perhaps finger print cuff links for a truly special gift for an adored Dad. With a wide selection of finger print jewellery designs many exclusive to Impressions to Keep you will find a sentimental gift for everybody.

Upon placing your order Impressions to Keep will send you a special kit to capture your fingerprints in the comfort of your own home. The kit is not messy and easy to use, as soon as your prints are taken you can send them back for Impressions to Keep to create your finger print jewellery.

Please note that fingerprints on babies and very small children can sometimes be too faint to clearly capture. We recommend waiting until approx. 2 years old, or when you can clearly see the whirls on the pads of the fingers, before ordering your jewellery. However, for not yet developed whirls, a fingertip impression in silver is just as cute and uses the same process.

All Impressions to Keep finger print Jewellery is hand engraved with specified names, presented in a pretty gift box.

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Please note: Delivery for all stamped spoons and gifts will be 2-3 weeks from date of order. Delivery of hand, foot, finger paw and handwriting jewellery will be 3-4 weeks from receipt of prints. Customers are advised to take into account seasonal deadlines and business holiday closure dates, as these will effect delivery time scales. If you require your gift ahead of the delivery time scales, please contact Impressions to Keep to establish if this is possible before you confirm your order. Dismiss

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