Descending Double Fingerprint Pendants


A fingerprint jewellery classic, this truly stunning descending pendants forms the corner stone of the keepsake jewellery collection.


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Descending Double Fingerprint Pendant

A silver fingerprint jewellery classic, this truly stunning descending double fingerprint pendants forms the corner stone of the fingerprint keepsake jewellery collection.

Each beautiful tiered pure silver pendant, has a layer holding the precious true fingerprint print of a loved one, each layer slightly larger than the one above.  A fantastic way to keep your loved ones close.

Descending double fingerprint pendants are made using 4 sizes of silver pendant & charm and can be 2 or 3 layers deep and in any of the standard fingerprint pendant & fingerprint charm shapes.

The silver fingerprint layers do not have to be one layer per person, you can fit 2 fingerprints on some of the sizes, so they are ideal for large families.  Your fingerprint jewellery is sold without a silver chain, but you can opt to add one in the ordering section.

Please use the following guide to plan your fingerprint pendant.

Regular Descending Double Fingerprint Pendant                – Charm & Regular Pendant
Large Descending Double Fingerprint Pendant                    – Regular   &    Large Pendants
Descending Triple Fingerprint Pendant                                 – Large & Regular Pendants & Charm

Your silver fingerprint necklace can be hand engraved on the reverse with a names or dates.   If there is space you can also have a name on the front of the fingerprint necklace.  This is all free of charge and you will be able to detail your engraving requirements on your order form.

Babies and small children tend to have very faint and fine fingerprint whirls, which are often not visible in the silver fingerprint jewellery, so we recommend a min of 2 years old before taking prints.  However, we are all different and your baby may have clearly defined whirls, I will leave this to you to decide!  Tat said, the print kit will capture the beautiful tip of their cute fingers and this makes an equally stunning fingerprint keepsake.

Upon placing your order you will be sent a ‘kit’ to capture your prints in the comfort of your own home.  The kits are very easy to use and full instructions will be included.  Order forms and information for the return of the prints is included in the kit.

If you have any questions about silver fingerprint jewellery, please use the ‘contact me’ form and I will do my best to provide the information you need as quickly as possible.

Additional information

Pendant Size

Regular Double Descending, Large Double Descending, Triple Descending


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