Hand Print Jewellery

Triple Descending Hand print Pendant

Hand Print Jewellery & Finger Print Jewellery

Hand print Jewellery, Finger print Jewellery and Rugby – a wierd combination, and how on earth are these connected?!  So let me begin.

Well,  this morning I basked in sunshine at the sidelines of the rugby pitch. For those who do not Sunday Rugby, or Saturday Football, this is not a usual occurrence. No, normally no matter what the weather has been doing during the week it always freezes or rains or sleets and often chucks a gale or hurricane in the for good measure. Today history was made because the sun shone and I may even have developed a new freckle.  Still no connection between hand print jewellery and finger print jewellery though …..

The Hand Print Jewellery and Finger Print Jewellery Connection

Rugby balls are sort of oval and hence rugby inspires me to post about OVALS.  Hence, oval shaped silver keepsake jewellery.  Ovals are a classic shape and consequently one of the most popular shapes for silver handprint jewellery and finger print jewellery.

Finer Print Jewellery

Double Descending Finger Print Pendant

For Finger print jewellery we capture the prints using a specila putty which is posted to you and is really easy to use.  You simply send the prints back to me and I can create your finger print jewellery from the cast.  Finger Print Jewellery





You can also have your loved one’s foot prints or even your pet’s paw print on the silver.  Hand, foot and paw prints are captured using an inkless wipe kit posted to you.  You take the prints at home and send me the images to work with.  Hand Print Jewelleryhand print jewllery


We can even use your own handwriting and drawings.  Essentially if the image is flat and clear, I can use it, so simple drawings, signatures or hand written short messages can feature too.

Now, because I go to watch my boys play rugby most Sundays, actually Mondays and Tuesdays as well – OVALS may feature on a regular basis.

Here are a couple more oval ideas!  Please order many ovals so I do not run out of things to show …..

Paw print Jewellery

Silver paw print key ring

Hand print jewellery

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