Personalised Spare Spoon


A thoughtful personalised spare spoon for a friend or family member needing support.


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Personalised Spare Spoon

A personalised spare spoon is a thoughtful and loving gift for anybody living with a chronic illness.


The spoon theory is a metaphor used to explain how a person with a chronic or debilitating illness copes with their day and how they prioritise what they are able to undertake.

A person starts the day with a certain number of spoons. Each spoon represents enough energy to carry out a routine daily task. Showering in the morning might require a spoon. Getting dressed is another spoon. Doing the school run might need 2 spoons etc. A person with a chronic illness has less spoons than your average person and needs to ration the limited spoons they have just to get through their day.

The chronic illness means that if the person does too much in the morning, they will not spoons left for the afternoon or evening. The chronic illness may mean that a person can do something in the morning OR on the afternoon – but not both.

Holding a spoon spare for unexpected tasks, just so you can cope is a way to help people to learn to hold something in reserve, to slow down and prioritise what needs to be done. However, life isn’t like that and sometimes the spoons are all used up.  The mental effort and determination to ‘create’ a spoon just to get a day done is huge.

Giving a spare spoon, shows you understand, you get it and perhaps that sometimes, you can ‘be the spoon’  and lend a hand.

Your personalised spare spoon is a small tea spoon measuring 11-13cms, small enough to tuck away but not too small to actually be used for a cup of tea!  Each personalised spare spoon is vintage and silver plated, the handles will vary in design.

All the personalised spare spoons are hand stamped, not machine engraved. Small marks are a natural occurrence of this process.  Every personalised spoon is vintage and will show some minor signs of wear.  Your personalised spoon will hold your loved one’s name and the wording
‘spare spoon’  below.

Wording will be arranged to best fit onto the spoon and you have the choice of 2 fonts, a plain and slightly more fancy one.  You can also opt to decorate your personalised spare spoon with a few hearts, stars or flowers.

Impressions to Keep will aim to deliver your personalised tea spoon within approx 3-4 weeks of your order being placed. If your order is required before this timescale, please get in touch before you place your order!

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