Pet Paw Print Pendant


A gorgeous silver pet paw print pendant is the perfect way to cherish your adored pets and hold the actual miniaturised impression of your pet’s paw print.



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A gorgeous silver pet paw print pendant is the perfect way to cherish your adored pets when you can’t be with them.  An ideal gift for any pet lover, the silver pet paw print pendant holds the actual scaled down image of their pet’s paw print.

Made with 99.9% pure silver, silver your pet paw print pendant will have a higher silver content than sterling silver.  Your pet’s paw prints are scaled down to fit on to whatever size and shape silver you select.  The paw prints are minimised to fit your silver paw print jewellery.  So, we can work with prints from any size animal, from horses to rabbits, but not hamsters!

There are 3 sizes of silver pet paw print pendant for you to choose from:

Regular  – which will hold up to 2 pet paw prints

Large  –  which will hold up to 3 pet paw prints

XL  –  which will hold up to 4/5 pet paw prints.

We will send you a mess free magic wipe kit to take the pet paw prints at home. The kits are very easy to use and come with comprehensive instructions.  After scanning or photographing your pet’s paw prints, you can send them by email.  Which means you can keep the original pet paw prints as an extra keepsake!

The kit will also contain an order form, where you will be able to specify the shape of your silver pet paw print jewellery. So you do not need to make any shape decisions just yet!  However the shapes available are:

Heart  –  Circle  –  Flower  –  Diamond  –  Oval  –  Star  –  Square (hung from the point)  –  Leaf  –  Tear Drop

We realise that very often customers already have a silver chain they would like to use with their silver pet paw print jewellery.  So we do not add to the cost by adding an unnecessary chain.  However, you can select to purchase a sterling silver snake 1mm snake chain or fine trace chain.

You can also opt to have your pet prints accented with a layer of 24ct gold, a stunning contrast between the 2 metals on your silver pet pawprint jewellery.

Delivery  From when we receive your pet prints, delivery of your paw print jewellery is approx 4 weeks.  If you require your silver pet paw print pendant before this delivery guide, please confirm Impressions to Keep before you place your order.

Pet paw print jewellery is an ideal gift for any pet lover!






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