Silver Handprint Pandora Bead – Hand print Charm – Pandora Compatible


Pandora style jewellery is a firm sentimental favourite and now it is possible to hand craft a pure silver bead bearing you loved one’s hand & footprints

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Silver Handprint Pandora Bead – Hand print Charm – Pandora Compatible

A beautiful silver hand print Pandora bead, a handprint bead, Pandora compatible & makes the most wonderful gift for any lady who would like to treasure the true hand prints of her loved ones.  Silver handprint jewellery is a gorgeous addition to a Pandora Bracelet, each bead is hand crafted and made with pure silver.

Pandora style handprint jewellery is a firm sentimental favourite and not only is possible to hand craft a pure silver hand or footprint bead bearing your loved one’s prints, you can even use your pet’s paw prints!

Each silver handprint Pandora charm will hold 2 prints; so a hand & foot, 2 hands, a hand & name etc.  The price of silver handprint jewellery is for the design and size and not the number of hand prints you have on your silver keepsake jewellery.   So, there is no extra charge for multiple prints on your silver handprint jewellery.

These beautiful silver handprint charms can be worn on Pandora, Chamilla, Lovelinks or Troll bracelets or similar styles.

If you do not own a Pandora Bracelet, you can opt to have your silver handprint bead on an alternative bracelet. The bracelets are available a variety of colours, smooth & plaited leather & either:

Single Strand  or  double wrap.

All the bracelets are finished with a stainless steel magnetic clasp – the following colours are available – please specify which you would prefer in the notes or on your order form:

Smooth Leather:
Pink     /    Purple     /    Lilac     /    White     /    Black     /    Brown     /     Petrol Blue     /     Turquoise

Plaited Leather:
White     /     Turquoise     /     Silverish     /     Pink     /    Brow     /     Black     /    Lilac

It is possible to pop  initials on your silver pandora handprint charm subject to there being enough space. This is free of charge and you will be able to specify your requirements on your order form which will be in your handprint kit.

Upon placing your order for your pandora handprint charm you will be sent an ink less wipe ‘kit’ to capture your prints in the comfort of your own home. The kits are very easy to use and full instructions will be included. Order forms for extra details on your silver handprint charm and information for the return of the prints is included in the kit.

Impressions to Keep aims to have your silver handprint jewellery with you 3-4 weeks after the receipt of your prints.  If you require your silver handprint charm ahead of this timescale, please get in touch and we will do all we can to help.   If you have any questions at all, please use the ‘contact me’ form and I will do my best to provide the information you need as quickly as possible.


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