Silver Bangle with Silver Initial Charm


This solid silver bangle and initial charm makes a perfect gift


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Silver Bangle with Silver Initial Charm
A gorgeous silver bangle with silver initial charm is a perfect gift to give to somebody special and an ideal gift for any occasion.
You can choose the number of initial charms to add to your silver bangle and can also opt to add a silver date tag to the bangle as well.  The silver bangles with silver initial charm make stunning gifts to give to Bridesmaids, as a special thank you, and keepsake of your special day.  

The personalised silver Bangle with silver initial charm is hand crafted from solid  2.5mm wide sterling silver, organically shaped and lightly hammered to give it some additional sparkle.  Hand crafted personalised silver bangles have more charm and character than machined work and each personalised silver bangle is unique, made specially for the person it is ordered for.  

The personalised silver bangle holds a fine silver hand crafted initial charm, you can choose from a round silver initial charm or a heart shaped silver initial charm.  The silver date charms are also hand crafted from fine silver and can be added to your personalised bangle, making your gift or keepsake even more unique.

Please detail your personalisation requirements in the ‘notes to maker’ box.

Your personalised silver bangle with initial charm is inclusive of your first silver initial charm, additional date or initial charms are £15 each.  If you want multiple silver initial charms and different shapes for each, please note all of the initials in the comments box.

So how do you know what is the best size personalised silver bangle for you?

The 3 best options are:

1) Measure an existing, well-fitting bangle

This is the easiest option – just find a bangle that fits you well, and measure the internal diameter (inside edge to inside edge).  Then choose the nearest size (bigger) from the choices below.

2) Measuring your hand with a ruler.

  1. Place your hand flat on a table.
  2. With a pen mark the middle of your knuckle on your little finger & the middle of your knuckle on your first finger.
  3. Measure the distance between the marks.
  4. Choose the nearest size (bigger) from the choices below. 




3) Measuring your hand with a tape.
1.     Bring your thumb and little finger together, as far as possible into your hand. The position you would put your hand into if you were putting on a bangle.

2.     Wrap a tape measure or piece of string around the widest part of your hand.  Keep the tape tight, it shouldn’t be loose – we are looking to get a measurement of the smallest you can make your fist.

3.      Make a note of the measurement on the tape, or mark the string and measure against a ruler.  This measurement gives you the circumference.

4.     Choose the nearest bangle size (bigger) from the choices below.

Please note you will need to go for the next size up, rather than the nearest size down. If you’ve measured correctly you should have the circumference / diameter of the hand at its smallest.  If you choose a bangle size smaller, the bangle will not fit.  I charge £25 for alterations inc P&P, so it is best to get the size right first time if you can!

All silver Bangles with initial charm are hand made – so if you do need a different size from the standard sizes, I will be happy to help. fit.

XS       –  5.5 cm Diameter   –   17.3 cm Circumference
S         –   6.0 cm Diameter   –  18.8 cm Circumference 
R         –   6.5 cm Diameter   –  20.4 cm Circumference
L         –   7.0 cm Diameter   –   22.0 cm Circumference
XL       –   7.5 cm Diameter   –   23.6 cm Circumference

Please note owing to the handmade cutting of the bangles, measurements are approx to a couple of mm, but never smaller!



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