Personalised Silver Anniversary Bangle


This personalised silver anniversary bangle and holds your anniversary message on the inside and a pretty silver charm with your anniversary number. A perfect gift for any anniversary, no need to wait for that magical silver 25th milestone!

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A personalised silver Anniversary birthday bangle is the perfect way to show your partner you care, with your message hand stamped onto the inside of the bangle and a silver charm with your anniversary ‘number’ stamped onto the surface. Who needs to wait for the traditional 25th Anniversary for such a bespoke and thoughtful gift?!

Your message can discretely wish the recipient a happy anniversary, a short quote, sentimental message or perhaps a line from your special song, All of which make the personalised silver anniversary bangle a truly unique and thoughtful gift for somebody you love.

Personalised silver anniversary bangles are such a wonderful gift for any anniversary and something that will be treasured forever!  Be it a new bride or a or a special milestone anniversary such as a 5th, 10th, 15th – who needs to wait for the 25th! The classic design and secret personalisation, make it suitable for all ages, whether a youngster or a grandparent!

Your personalised Silver Anniversary Bangle is crafted from solid 4mm x 2mm wide ‘D’ shaped sterling silver.  Your personalised message will be stamped onto the inside of the birthday bangle, the flat surface. The rounded exterior is lightly hammered to give it some additional sparkle.  If you prefer you can opt for your personalised silver anniversary bangle to be left smooth, just leave a message in the comment box.

The silver charm can hold up to 3 numbers (you never know!) and you can choose from a star, heart, circle or flower shaped charm.

Silver Anniversary Bangle Sizes:  Please note sizes are approx within a few mm – exchanges are not possible if the bangle does not fit.  It is possible to alter the size of your personalised bangle, but this will incur an additional charge. 

So how do you know what is the best size personalised silver anniversary bangle for you?

The 3 best options are:

1) Measure an existing, well-fitting bangle

This is the easiest option – just find a bangle that fits you well, and measure the internal diameter (inside edge to inside edge).  Then choose the nearest size (bigger) from the choices below.

2) Measuring your hand with a ruler.

  1. Place your hand flat on a table.
  2. With a pen mark the middle of your knuckle on your little finger & the middle of your knuckle on your first finger.
  3. Measure the distance between the marks.
  4. Choose the nearest size (bigger) from the choices below. 




3) Measuring your hand with a tape.
1.     Bring your thumb and little finger together, as far as possible into your hand. The position you would put your hand into if you were putting on a personalised anniversary bangle.

2.     Wrap a tape measure or piece of string around the widest part of your hand.  Keep the tape tight, it shouldn’t be loose – we are looking to get a measurement of the smallest you can make your fist.

3.      Make a note of the measurement on the tape, or mark the string and measure against a ruler.  This measurement gives you the circumference.

4.     Choose the nearest personalised silver birthday bangle size (bigger) from the choices below.

Please note you will need to go for the next size up, rather than the nearest size down. If you’ve measured correctly you should have the circumference / diameter of the hand at its smallest.  If you choose a bangle size smaller, the bangle will not

All personalised birthday anniversary are hand made – so if you do need a different size from the standard sizes, I will be happy to help.

XS       –  5.5 cm Diameter   –   17.3 cm Circumference
S         –   6.0 cm Diameter   –  18.8 cm Circumference 
R         –   6.5 cm Diameter   –  20.4 cm Circumference
L         –   7.0 cm Diameter   –   22.0 cm Circumference
XL       –   7.5 cm Diameter   –   23.6 cm Circumference

Please note owing to the handmade cutting of the personalised silver anniversary bangles, measurements are approx to a couple of mm, but never smaller!

We can only stamp your silver personalised silver anniversary bangle in the font shown & the text is hand stamped letter by letter. This creates a quirky uneven finish rather than a perfect machine straight finish. We do this as we feel it adds to the individual charm of each piece. No two pieces will be alike.



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