Finger Print Bracelets

Finer Print Bracelets

Your loved ones real finger prints captured and crafted in to stunning silver Finger Print Bracelets of various designs.

The finger prints are captured using a special easy to use kit which will be sent to your home soon after you have placed your order.  Once the finger prints have been taken, you simply send them to Impressions to Keep to create your finger print bracelet.

There are several designs and shapes of Finger Print Bracelet, from pretty linked bracelets, to ID style or leather bracelets with finger print charms & beads attached.

Please note that it is very difficult to capture finger prints from very small children and babies, their finger print whorls are simply too faint to see in the silver.  Please examine your child’s finger pads very carefully to see if their prints are clear enough to take defined prints as they cannot be enhanced and may not show in the silver.  Impressions to Keep recommend a minimum of 2 years old for Finger Print Bracelets.

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