Pandora Compatible

Personalised Pandora Beads and Charms

Personalised Pandora Beads and charms suitable for wearing on a pandora style bracelet or necklace.

Dangly charms, each holding the real prints of your loved ones on a pandora style bead carrier ready to thread on to your jewellery.  Your Personalised Pandora Beads or charm  can be purchased as a single charm or perhaps opt for up to 4 charms on a single carrier.

Tube beads each holding 2 prints of your loved one on each pure silver tube.  It is also possible to have a real signature reduced in size and pressed on to the surface of the silver.

Heart and circle shaped silver beads with the impressions of your loved ones prints pressed on to the top and bottom of the bead, their names can be hand engraved on to the side of the silver bead.

So many Personalised Pandora Beads options to choose from!

Please note these beads are hand made and are not official Pandora beads.  They are made to fit Pandora style bracelets.

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