Finger Print Collar Stiffeners

Finger Print Collar Stiffeners

Made with Sterling Silver and holding the finger print of a loved one, these finger print collar stiffeners are the perfect gift for any sentimental and smart gent!

The length of the stiffener make them ideal to hold not just the finger print, but perhaps your real hand written signature or a meaningful word, or a hand or foot print.  You could even choose to have a pet’s actual paw print pressed into the surface of the silver!  The possibilities are endless and men that you can capture the whole family as a treasured gift should you wish.

Please note that very small babies and children have very faint finger print whorls and we advise from approx 2 years of age before you consider attempting to capture their prints.

Once you have placed your order, you will be sent an easy to use print capture kit and full instructions.

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