Personalised Tea Spoon

Personalised Tea Spoon

Silver plated and vintage each Personalised Tea Spoon holds your own message, making it an ideal gift for so many occasions!

Personalised Tea Spoons could be given as a new baby gift, a Christening present, a thank you or Birthday present!  They are perfect for Birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or weddings and gratefully received by Grandparents, teens, children and Mums and Dads – there is not celebratory occasion or person who does not love them!

Each message is carefully stamped by hand in to the bowl of the spoon, using individual letter stamps and a mighty big hammer!  Due to each letter being stamped one by one, variations in letter alignment and spacing may occur.  Additionally the size and handle design will vary from spoon to spoon. The uniqueness of the lettering and design of spoon all adds to the quirky charm of your Personalised Tea Spoon.

Personalised Tea Spoon, a great and unique fun gift!

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Please note: Delivery for all stamped spoons and gifts will be 2-3 weeks from date of order. Delivery of hand, foot, finger paw and handwriting jewellery will be 3-4 weeks from receipt of prints. Customers are advised to take into account seasonal deadlines and business holiday closure dates, as these will effect delivery time scales. If you require your gift ahead of the delivery time scales, please contact Impressions to Keep to establish if this is possible before you confirm your order. Dismiss

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