Pendants & Necklaces

Pendants & Necklaces – Hand print necklace, Foot, fingers & paws!

There are so many beautiful pendant and necklace designs to choose from!  Pebbles, windows, buttons, Tiffany style to name a few.  All available in a variety of shapes and hand crafted from pure silver.

Hand print necklaces and foot print necklaces feature the real prints of your loved one, carefully captured on hand crafted silver jewellery.  Or maybe the paw print of a treasured pet.

Finger print necklaces hold the actual fingerprint of your loved one and if the finger is small enough the outline of the finger tip – a truly stunning keepsake.

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Please note: Delivery for all stamped spoons and gifts will be 2-3 weeks from date of order. Delivery of hand, foot, finger paw and handwriting jewellery will be 3-4 weeks from receipt of prints. Customers are advised to take into account seasonal deadlines and business holiday closure dates, as these will effect delivery time scales. If you require your gift ahead of the delivery time scales, please contact Impressions to Keep to establish if this is possible before you confirm your order. Dismiss

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