Seasonal Deadlines


Impressions to Keep likes to work to your deadlines rather than the seasonal calendar!  Unfortunately though, Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s & Father’s Day wait for no man and your jewellery does take some time to make!  There is also time needed to  send you the kits to take your prints and for you to send them back to us to work on.

So we have to bite the bullet and set some dates…..

Father’s Day 2019

For Confirmed Delivery    –  Prints back no later than 25 May 2019

Prints received after 25 May could be delivered after Father’s Day.

Hand stamped personalised spoons & gifts last orders on 25 May 2019


For Confirmed Christmas Delivery    –  Prints back no later than 12 Dec 2019

Prints received after 12 Dec will be processed but possibly delivered in the new year.

Hand stamped personalised spoons & gifts last orders on 12 Dec 2019


Please note.  Standard delivery times for hand. foot and fingerprint jewellery is 3-4 weeks from date of receipt of prints.

Standard delivery times for personalised gifts & jewellery is 2-3 weeks from date of order.




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